PrimeCS ISA Services

We convert your cold leads into warm appointments

  • Predictable: Fixed cost per lead / no hourly fees
  • No fixed contracts: Only pay when you generate leads
  • 100% real human engagement: no canned voicemails or bots
  • Reactivation Campaigns: we can scrub your old leads

Why PrimeCS ISA Services

PrimeCS has been in business since 2015 with a fully dedicated team in Montreal, Canada. PrimeCS has handled over 750,000 leads since 2015, handling between 15,000 - 25000 leads per month

No Monthly Fees

No fixed monthly fees or minimums. You only pay when you are getting leads. Only one flat fee per lead. Pay as you Go!

Real Human Engagements

There is something about human contact that no bot, email or sms can replace. Only 100% real human responses

Up to 20 Touches

We do the most effective and intensive campaigns in the industry. Nobody touches your leads more than us and includes actual phone calls.

We Follow Your Scripts

You know your market best. Our team is trained to follow your ideal script.

We Scrub Your Old Leads

We care for new leads and old. We can help you get the most out of your current database and find the appointments hidden there.

Conversion Focused

Each call is placed with the core focus to convert your cold lead to a warm appointment.

Conversions, Conversions, Conversion

Our team is uniquely training for one purpose. Convert your leads into warm appointments.

  • Native English speaker
  • Goal: Qualify and Convert to Appointments
  • Conversion Focused: Averaging 15-18%
  • ‚ÄčLead Response: Calls within 5 minutes
  • Attempts: Up to 10 call attempts over 2 weeks, and continuous follow ups for up to 60 days
  • No Charge: wrong numbers, duplicates or disconnected numbers/fax


Human engagements, more appointments

From Cold to Appointment Plan

/Per Lead
  • 1. Trained native English speakers
  • 2. Work with your scripts.
  • 3. Quality and convert leads
  • 4. 20 real human phone Calls
  • 5. Follow ups for up to 60 days
  • 6. Ongoing quality assurance and coaching
  • 7. Only pay for valid leads (no bad numbers, duplicates, fax lines)