Elevating Your Clients’ Experience One Call at a Time

At Prime CS, we have a very simple premise - take care of the human connection first and everything else comes later. As we’ve grown as an organization, we’ve learned that nothing trumps genuine customer experiences that come from an authentic place. By instilling these values into our team, we’re able to generate the kind of omni-channel experiences that build real trust between your clients and your brand.

While the person-to-person connection is always our overarching aim, Prime CS is also committed to using advanced technology and practices as part of our workflow. From proprietary software designed to integrate well with your existing systems to state-of-the-art encrypted servers for protected storage, we understand the value that bleeding edge technology brings and embrace it fully.

Together, this philosophy of personal experience and advanced technology combines to form an industry-leading platform with a singular advantage – Prime CS is able to connect with customers where other call management and marketing providers fail. In a time where robotic interaction is the norm, our signature process is a breath of fresh air and one that will help you engage your clients on a new level.

How We’re Different

  • Affordable Production
  • Reliable Infrastructure
  • Quality Assurance
  • Wide Range of Services
  • Offshore Capability
  • The Human Touch

What We Do:

  • Inbound and Outbound Call Management
  • Back Office Services
  • Staff Training
  • Customer Care
  • Quality Assessment
  • Data Reporting